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Royal Palm Companies

Royal Palm Companies owns, manages and develops high quality properties, building a reputation for excellence and market insight for over 30 years.

Fernbrook Homes

Fernbrook Homes is one of Canada's leading builders, widely acclaimed for their impressive collection of distinguished communities.

Participant Capital

Participant Capital Advisors is a registered investment advisor with investment options in the US, Cayman Islands, Latin America, and Europe. It offers private investors the opportunity to invest in mixed-use, multifamily and hospitality real estate development projects primarily focused in Florida, as well as other Sun Belt states and territories of the US.

Commercial Partners

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NMD Nomadas

NOMADAS was founded in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1999 as a comprehensive office for multiscale projects.

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With offices in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Lima and Sao Paulo, Arquitectonica is a major presence on the international stage.

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Ocean Bank

Ocean Bank continues to be the largest independent state-chartered commercial bank headquartered in Florida since 1982.

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